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These Are the Days
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These Are The Days LISTEN
Street signs
And traffic jams
I can't conceive
That this was part of the plan
And gasoline
The road is clear
But who knows
Where it leads
When there are so many ways
To throw it all away
Are you afraid to take the chance
And celebrate the dance
These are the days
That try men's souls
Stage fright
On New Year's Eve
I crossed that bridge
Only to watch her leave
Night train
On a railroad track
I said I would
But I'm not coming back
So many ways
To give it all away
When you're afraid to take the chance
And celebrate romance
These are the days
That drive us on
These are the days...
Too tired to pay the rent
So out the door they went
To face the cold cruel world
And in the streets they find
They've fallen from the vine
Never to return
These are the days
Blare the TV set
They say, "the end is near
But you don't know it yet"
Church tax
Cause the money's tight
Jesus saves
If the price is right
But narrow is the way
That I may never find
You're so faraway
But you're always on my mind
These are the days
To save our souls
These are the days
God help us all
- words and music by Scott Wilson  
© 2005 MetaLogic Music, All Rights Reserved