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Kaleidoscope's End has played at the following radio stations:

KGFN FM San Diego, CA

KSDT Radio San Diego, CA

San Diego FM 94/9 Local Member of the Day for Wednesday March 8. Listen at 9 p.m.!

Coffeehouse 101 played on Hilary's Show on 91Xat 12:45 p.m. 3-09-06

Listen to You'll Find Your Way on KPRI-FM on Saturday, February 3, 2007 at 9 p.m.

AmplifySD Radio

Listen to Coffeehouse 101 on KPRI-FM on April 7th, 2007 at 9 p.m.

She Won't Stop is Number 1 on KIAC's Big 50

More stations coming soon.

Coming Soon - A new video for the song Marielle from Kaleidoscope's End

On Thursday, March 2nd, Fox Rox played a section of the video for Coffeehouse 101, and listing the March 9 Humphrey's gig among its top five shows for the week. Here's more info on Fox Rox.

San Diego had its own music show! Fox Rox - three times a week. Thursdays at midnight and Saturdays at 10:30 p.m. on Fox 6. Also on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on UPN 13. Trust us to give you the honest lowdown on new releases and highlight the shows you dont want to miss.

And the winners of the Fox Rox video lottery are:

Siren's Lure
Jeff Berkley
Marcia Claire
Isaac Cheong
Deadline Friday
Mark DeCerbo

These are the artists who were featured on Fox Rox during the Coffeehouse 101 segment.

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Listen to a podcast featuring Coffeehouse 101 from Kaleidoscope's End, along with many of the artists featured on the Coffeehouse 101 music video.

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Here's the story on why it took so long to complete the album:

Kaleidoscope’s End is the latest cd from Scott Wilson. The album was recorded between November of 1996 and May of 2003. The first three songs to be recorded were You’ll Find Your Way, No Body’s Home, and Kaleidoscope’s End, which were written and recorded in Los Angeles by Scott Wilson and Brian Yaskulka in Scott’s 16 track 1/2” Tascam analog studio. Drums were later recorded on ADAT to the 16 track demos by drummer Rob Steitler.

In September 1997, Scott moved to San Diego. He began to play open mikes and small gigs in coffeehouses in the beach area, including Java Joe’s, a popular venue in Ocean Beach. In 1998, he moved back to Los Angeles briefly, and while staying in a guest house with some friends in Hancock Park, wrote the song Shade of Eden. Later in 1998, Scott went to Europe to visit a friend named Michael Ketteniss, who lived in The Netherlands (Maastricht), and while there, wrote Psychedelic Lullaby, Long Way From Home with Michael, and then Scott wrote Marielle, about one of Michael's roommates. During his travels in Europe, Scott wrote It’s Not So Easy, and These Are the Days, while staying with a friend in Vienna, Austria.

Back in San Diego, in 1998 to 1999, Scott wrote Coffeehouse 101, Van Gogh’s Ear, and She Won’t Stop, and recorded demos for a few of these songs at Brian Yaskulka’s Cubase studio in Van Nuys (Cherrystone Studios). These songs were transferred to ADAT, and drums were recorded at Revolt Recording in El Cajon, California with Rob Stojak engineering, and Jason Pratt playing drums.

In 1999, Scott began to record the songs at a studio where he had recently begun to work, called Universal Sound. The songs were originally recorded to ADAT, and after recording with a variety of players (Ray Hangen, Robert Fausner, David Bressler and Tim Orrahood), Scott began to do rough mixes in late 1999 at Universal Sound. The 16 track masters were transferred to ADAT from the original 3 songs, and the album began to take shape. A song that was originally written for Cruel World, called Too Tired was added to the batch of songs.

The rough mixes were deemed not up to par to be released at that time, because of the shortcomings of the ADAT format, and the need for editing of some of the performances. At the time, Universal Sound had a computer, but it wasn’t quite powerful enough to transfer the songs and do any editing, so Scott put the project on hold. Also, the technology was not yet available to transfer the ADATs in a sample accurate mode into the computer, so this was also a stumbling block towards completing the project at that time.

In 2002, Scott bought a G4 DP 1.0 GHz Macintosh computer, and a MOTU 896 computer interface. It was now possible to transfer the ADATs into the computer in sample accurate mode, and so that’s what he did. From, 2002 to March of 2003, the tracks were completely re-recorded, with the exception of the drums, the lead guitars, and selected special tracks which were kept. In March of 2003, another rough mix was attempted, except now there were so many tracks that the computer was unable to handle all of the mix information, and frequent crashes resulted.

At that time, Scott began to look for someone to mix the cd. In May of 2003, he wrote the last song to be written for the cd, Take it Away, and began to ask for demo reels from mixers in San Diego and Los Angeles. It took a year to find the right person for the job, and that person turned out to be Brian Yaskulka, who had just purchased a Pro Tools system, and was building a studio in Hollywood, California (Seventh Level Productions). Brian also wrote three of the songs on the cd, and was the catalyst for bringing the songs to life at various stages during the project.

In January of 2005, Brian and Scott began the mixing sessions for Kaleidoscope’s End. The first song, It’s Not So Easy turned out very well, but there were problems coming to grips with the many tracks that were recorded for the album. In May of 2005, Andy Ellis was brought in to help out, and two weeks later the album was finished. Kaleidoscope’s End, It’s Not So Easy, Take it Away, and Shade of Eden, were mixed by Brian, and the rest were mixed by Andy. David Collins mastered the album shortly after the mixes, and in August of 2005, the album was finally released.